The RecoverPoint Management course is designed for anyone who is responsible for the administration and management of a RecoverPoint environment. This course focuses on leveraging RecoverPoint technology to achieve and maintain application Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).

An integral part of the training addresses product architecture, management, and operations of RecoverPoint. There will be extensive lab demonstrations and lecture which will cover the following concepts: configuration requirements, The methods of Replication; The configuration of consistency groups and distributed consistency groups; How to configure them for integration with different virtualization software; and Finally, the course addresses general monitoring and troubleshooting of RecoverPoint events.

Describe the RecoverPoint System, Options, Components and Requirements

Explain the concept of a RecoverPoint Consistency Group and RecoverPoint Data Flow

Describe the RecoverPoint management options and Installation tools

Describe the factors to consider when planning RecoverPoint Replication

Create and manage Consistency Groups using Unisphere for RecoverPoint

Perform data protection tasks available with Unisphere for RecoverPoint

Describe the steps required to use the System Analysis Tools for RecoverPoint

 RecoverPoint Concepts

RecoverPoint Overview

RecoverPoint System Architecture

RecoverPoint Constructs

RecoverPoint Data Flow

RecoverPoint Management Options

 RecoverPoint Management

RecoverPoint Administration Tasks

Replication Planning

Consistency Group Management

XtremIO Consistency Groups Settings

MetroPoint Consistency Groups

RecoverPoint Integration

 RecoverPoint Operations

Working with Images

Recovery Operations

Modifying Consistency Groups

 RecoverPoint Systems Analysis

RecoverPoint Systems Analysis Tools

Gathering RecoverPoint Information in the CLI

RecoverPoint for VNX Integration

In addition to lecture and demonstrations, this course includes labs designed to allow practical experience for the participant.

This course is intended for any learners who intend to manage a RecoverPoint solution