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Company Overview

iCTN is one of the leading Specialist IT solutions of Enterprise Data Storage, network security, backup systems and virtualization in Iran.

The company builds specialized ruggedized portable computers in laptop, notebook, tablet, handheld and lunchbox configurations, along with rack mount, panel mount and wall mount designs for fixed installation. Industrial Computing is also expert in rugged LCD monitors, offering a highly configurable product line for military and industrial applications. Monitors are available in wall/VESA mount, rack mount and panel mount styles, along with options for brightness level, optical coatings, electrical and video inputs and intrusion protection.

iCTN is experienced in providing rugged monitors and computer systems that are deployed in the most demanding conditions. The company regularly meets the needs of customers with difficult applications, managing shock, vibration, temperature extremes, moisture, electro-magnetic interference or other environmental challenges.

iCTN looks forward to meeting your most difficult computing and budgetary requirements. Please contact us:

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Incorporated in year 2002, by marketing strategy of direct and indirect sales both. Starting with offices in 2 different cities and orienting an active sales channel including trained resellers and IT solution providers covering all over the country.

ICTN has witnessed year-on-year growth by offering great value proposition to both its vendor and reseller partners.


ICTN has accumulated a strong market trust and reputation by:

  • Stablishing and enabling a robust reseller channel
  • Preparing a good stock for each products
  • Building a qualified technical department in order to support customers  and partners both

Thanking to ICTN qualified technical team, the sales channel receive enhanced support service comprising:

  • Presales consultancy
  • Sales & marketing support
  • Post-sale professional services
  • Project financing
  • Training seminars
  • Product guaranty and warranty services

ICTN marketing team offering comprehensive solutions to customers in the SMB, SME and High enterprise segments of the market as well. The market target for our direct sale is as follows.

  • Petrochemical & oil companies
  • Banking  systems
  • Insurance
  • Governmental Ministries and ORGs
  • Automobile manufactures
  • Universities

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