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Virtualization Solutions

Virtualisation is a new technology in the IT world, and with every passing day it has been welcomed by organisations and throughout the world. Utilising virtualisation has brought about a revolution in hardware infrastructure for organisations and has meant a new architecture has been established. In reality, virtualisation is a method to minimise the use of hardware resources.

By using virtualisation, you can install multiple operating systems and programs on a server in parallel and at the same time, in a way that whenever the CPU, Graphics card or storage is required, they can receive enough of these shared resources. Virtualisation of a server is only the beginning in this unique scenario. Creating totally virtual infrastructure on hundreds of servers and storage is an aim that easily be realised using virtualisation. By utilising this scenario, not only will savings in hardware resources and costs be realised, but a dependency on hardware in your operating environment will be reduced and replacement and update of systems will become easier. Therefore easier management and simpler support are the greatest benefits of this approach.

For virtualisation there are many products from different companies that exist. The best of these are from Microsoft, VMWare and Citrix. VMWare is currently the market leader by some distance compared to its competitors.

To start, a search needs to be carried out to find the most powerful Hypervisor. Hypervisor or VMM is a program that allows the installation of multiple operating systems at the same time on a server or client machine, and with its management of hardware resources being shared by the operating systems and requested software. VMWare ESX is the most powerful and proven Hypervisor that exists in the industry and it’s definitely the best choice among Hypervisors for creating a cloud environment.

Using virtualisation today, is one of the most important parts of a company’s IT strategy. Therefore companies concerns about picking the best seller of visualisation products is understandable. VMWare is at the forefront of creating virtualisation products. This company has been ahead of its competitors like Microsoft and xen for many years.

The services of ICTN (Virtualisation):

Consulting, design, setup and support of VMWare vShpere for virtualisation of a physical environment into a virtual infrastructure in an efficient manner Consulting, setup and support of VMWare SRM for backup of data from one site to another instantaneously
Consulting, setup and support of VMWare NSX for greater protection and easier management of virtual networks of an organisation Consulting, setup and support of VMWare Horizon for the efficient use of resources in organisations through virtual desktops