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Data Center Solutions

Data Center is a set of storage, virtualization platforms, communications infrastructure, equipment and Services network security and other issues. Nowadays, Data Centers Have Provided network based information and services on the internet, intranet, extranet, and other networks for Organizations, companies and individuals.

Generally, Data Centers are a place for storing information and this information are placed on servers and storages, so inside the Data Centers is full of Servers and required equipment. As a result a building or a part of a building that its main task is to keep the Servers and equipment is called Data Center. However, with the emergence of phenomena such as modular data centers that combines modules or pre-made containers and it can be installed in outdoor environments or any other places, outdated standards such as TIA942 need to be revised. Finally, it should be noted that at present for construction and operation a data center two popular standards: TIA942 and ANSI / BICSI 002-201 are used.

  • Data center infrastructures

  • Storage infrastructures

  • Create backups system from the information

  • Virtualization Implementation

  • service and required servers Implementation

  • Network communication infrastructure

  • Deploying Information Technology Security

  • Deploying Monitoring system

  • Support System Implementation

Our Company because of its dominance on the latest information technologies and its valuable experience in consulting, designing, installation and monitoring data centers is ready to provide technical and engineering services based on standards such as TIA942, ANSI / BICSI 002-201, ISO20000, CISCO SAFE,… .Our company solutions are compatible with long-term plans and strategic needs of our customers.

The services of ICTN (Data Center):

Consulting, design and installing of raised floors, suspended ceilings, passive accessories, … Providing Executive, test and delivery, operation and support instructions
Consulting, designing and installing alarm and fire suppression systems Providing the required Executive plans
Consulting, designing and installing cooling and air condition systems Preparing technical annexes for contracts
Consulting, designing and installing security doors, access control and CCTV system Preparing documentation and plans for holding tenders
Consulting, designing and installing monitoring systems Estimating prices and the budget that requires for the projects
 Consulting, designing and installing lighting, power and UPS systems Preparing the list of required items in projects
Consulting and designing standard level of redundancy that required in data centers Leadership and support of data center infrastructure systems
Consulting for selecting required equipment Simulate various sectors for sizing, selection and optimization
Consulting and conceptual design and price estimation for tenders Supervision of Testing and delivery infrastructure system
Consulting and designing for server rooms and data centers optimization, in order to reach to higher levels of saving energy or increasing energy efficiency (toward a green data centers) Supervision of design and implementation of infrastructure
Full implementation of data center infrastructures

Cooperation in the technical evaluation of tenders