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ICTN believed that the most valuable asset of any organization, the human resources organization, by creating an environment of calm and dynamic human resources has provided a good platform for growth and in this regard the recruitment of qualified and committed to the forefront human resource development is placed.


The adsorption process in ICTN:

  • Receive and store resumes in the database
  • The initial assessment of qualification
  • Public interviews (telephone and in person)
  • Expert interviews (in person)
  • Final confirmation

Applicants can, if necessary, for more information call the Department of Human Resources.

TitleMinimum educationMinimum ExperienceLocationGender
Sales ManagerBachelor3 yearsTehranFemale/ Males
Sale ExpertBachelor3 yearsTehranFemale/ Males
Security Network ExpertBachelor3 yearsTehranFemale/ Males
Commercial ExpertBachelor3 yearsTehranFemale/ Males

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