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Symantec BackupExec backup and recovery infrastructure strong, flexible and easy operation to protect the entire data center infrastructure, including virtual, physical or a combination of both provides for you. Recovery is fast and efficient. With a few simple clicks, you can quickly piece of software or files or virtual machines need to individually locate and restore backups directly from Sturridge. Also, while reducing costs using technology Deduplication Storage and Archiving data more simply and protects stored in less space.

  • Reduce the time to restore systems
    fully restored.
  • Compatibility and Flexibility
    This software allows making backup copies on all storage devices such as hard disk drives, magnetic tape, optical disc SAN, NAS, USB and DVD, etc. provides. The backups can be stored on any computer on the network. All information is stored on a file and this file is retrieved easily on any system.
  • Centralized management from one location
    In large organizations that have a significant number of computer networks. You can backup or restore operations and prepare it for remote or local. And needs yo
  • Continuation of normal activities
    All activities performed by this application invisible and to create a backup of the files need to close the current system is not being used or discontinued activities.
  • Create a backup
    This program enables the provision of a full backup, incremental and periodic, also supports a wide range of hardware such as disk storage, magnetic tape, optical disc, USB, DVD, SAN, NAS and Other great options for making backup copies of data on the network.
  • Full recovery information.
    Depending on the volume of data and programs installed on a server, data recovery is usually lower by installing a Windows itself takes time.
  •  Management changes in the
    return to the status before making changes.
  • A copy of the information database
    With this software can be downloaded from the information contained in the database, including SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and others in work mode without the need to interrupt the backup activities.


Symantec Backup Exec 3600 Appliance

Symantec in 1982 by Gary Hendrix was established with funding from a National Research Foundation. Symantec initially focused on projects with a focus on artificial intelligence. Hendrix several natural language processing researchers from Stanford University hired as the first employee of the company. In 1984, C & E was purchased by smaller companies. The company was founded by Dennis Coleman and Gordon Lee Ayvbank be managed and chaired Ayvbank.

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