Veritas-Backup Exec

product introduction

BackupExec provides a robust, flexible, easy-to-use backup and recovery structure to protect the entire data center structure, whether virtual, physical, or a combination of both. Using state-of-the-art technology, BackupExec can back up local and Remote data virtually on any data storage device, including Tape, Disk or Cloud. Fast and efficient recovery. With a few simple clicks, you can quickly find some of the files or software or virtual machines you need separately and restore them directly from the backup. Also, in addition to reducing storage costs by using Deduplication and Archiving technologies that more data is easily stored and protected in less space. BackupExec helps save time and money, as well as protect and recover your important data in the event of a crisis or data loss.

Reduce system recovery time

Using this feature, such as integrated backup management and the ability to recover data on dissimilar hardware, the recovery time of damaged systems is significantly reduced and the operating system and information of a damaged computer can be repaired within a short time. Completely revived.

Adaptability and flexibility

This software allows you to make backup copies of all data storage devices such as hard disks, magnetic tapes, SAN, NAS, USB and DVD optical disks, etc. Backups can also be stored on any computer on the network. All information is stored on one file and this file can be easily retrieved on any system.

Centralized management of a location

In large organizations whose networks have a significant number of computers. All operations can be performed and backed up or restored remotely or locally. And need it

Do not interrupt normal activities

All activities of this software are performed imperceptibly and to prepare a backup, you do not need to close the files in use or interrupt the current activities of the system. This program can be set to automatically back up in special events such as installing a program, increasing or decreasing the amount of data, user login or special schedules.


The program has the ability to make full, incremental and periodic backups, as well as support for a wide range of data storage hardware such as hard drives, magnetic tapes, optical disks, USB, DVD, SAN, NAS and Etc. It is a very good option for backing up the information in the network.

Complete data recovery

Depending on the amount of data and programs installed on a server, data recovery by it usually takes less time than installing Windows alone.

Change management

Before installing any new hardware or major changes in the system, you can make a copy of the current state of the system and then install new hardware or software, and in case of any problems, the system can be quickly Return to the last state before applying the changes.

Copy of database information

Using this software, you can back up the information in the database, including SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc. in working mode without the need to interrupt its activities.


Symantec Backup Exec 3600 Appliance

Symantec was founded in 1982 by Gary Hendrix with funding from a national research foundation. Symantec initially focused on AI-focused projects. Hendrix hired several natural language processing researchers from Stanford University as the company’s first employees. It was acquired in 1984 by a smaller company called C&E. The company was founded by Dennis Coleman and Gordon Lee Ayubank and was headed by Ayubank.


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