ICTN was fourteen years old!


Company ICTN (information and communication technologists northwest), with the aim of providing comprehensive solutions and professional services based on new methodologies in industry IT, was founded in 1381 AD in the city of Tabriz. provide.

Now after 14 years of shining record in the field of information technology, celebrates its 14 years.

ICTN presence in Elecomp 2015


Dear customers bring to the notice, the company ICTN from 23 to 26 December 94 Elecomp Fair 2015 is open to enthusiasts. Of all the loved ones for the stand ICTN to meet new products and respond to questions by the company’s technical team is invited ICTN. Looking forward to meeting you at booth ICTN, Hall 31A are 118 booths.

Ranked one of the High Council of Informatics


Ranking informatics companies whose full name “Regulations ranking and qualification informatics companies,” the regulations that the Supreme Council of Informatics (sub former Deputy Strategic Planning and Control) based assigns it a rating between 1 and 7 computer companies. Computer companies, including hardware, software, network, etc. for contracts with corporations and government agencies are required to get your rating of this Council. Rated as the highest rank 7 means a lower rank.

ICTN companies in the ranking this year, the Supreme Council of Informatics in three areas:

Computer data network
Production and provide computers for non-Main Frame
Won the ratings was a informatics