Cyberoam Central Console


The Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) appliances enable Enterprises and MSSPs to centrally manage Cyberoam network security appliances deployed across branch offices or customer offices. Providing flexibility of hardware and virtual platforms, CCC appliances simplify centralized security management reduce administrative overhead and aid compliance reporting for distributed enterprises and MSSPs as required for their growing networks.

CCC is available in two types:

  • Hardware CCC
  • Virtual CCC

Hardware CCC

Next-Generation Management series of CCC appliances (CCC NM) deliver high performance from underlying powerful new hardware and fulfill demanding processing needs to support security policy enforcement in large, complex and dispersed networks.

Number of CR appliances supported Appliances
30 CCC15NM
100 CCC50NM
200 CCC100NM
400 CCC200NM
1000 CCC500NM

Virtual CCC

The virtual CCC appliances support VMware and Hyper-V virtualization platforms and offer full set of features as the CCC hardware appliances. By allowing organizations to use virtual environment, the virtual CCC appliances eliminate the need for dedicated hardware, reduce cost of ownership and simplify future upgrades. With the virtual CCC appliances, customers can manage up to 5 Cyberoam network security appliances without any license fee, beyond which Appliance Licenses can be purchased. The virtual CCC appliances can manage both hardware as well as virtual Cyberoam security appliances.

Virtual CCC appliance range: CCCV15, CCCV50, CCCV100, CCCV200, CCCV500


 Cyberoam Unified threat management

Cyberoam is a subset of Sophos enterprise security network is active with a wide range of products. Cyberoam collection now has over 550 employees and offices in the United States, the Middle East and India, as well as research and development and global support are based in India and by an experienced management team with deep experience in the field of security managed network. Cyberoam has thousands of successful implementations of its products in more than 125 countries around the world, companies and organizations with different business domain has been secured.


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