Cyberoam NetGenie


Cyberoam NetGenie offers security against intruders, hackers, harmful Internet content and more to Home users as well as Small Offices, Home Offices (SOHO) when surfing online. Placed at the Internet entry point in the network, NetGenie secures and shares Internet connectivity across all Internet-access devices viz., desktop, laptop, PDA, smart phone, other handheld devices and more.

Cyberoam NetGenie comes with pre-set Wi-Fi security settings that prevent Wi-Fi network at home and SOHO from becoming an open hotspot that can be misused by unauthorized outsiders. NetGenie offers features like Internet security through Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System; Internet-access controls; 3G Ready; along with VPN security for small offices. NetGenie offers real-time reports on online activities of users along and security reports on intrusion attacks. The web-based GUI gives convenience of managing NetGenie settings over any Internet-access device, without the need to install software over any of these devices.

Cyberoam NetGenie Features

  • Internet Controls
  • Security
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Reports
  • Pre-Set Wi-Fi Security
  • Supports VDSL2,ADSL2+, Cable Internet, 3G USB modem


Cyberoam Next Generation FireWall

Cyberoam is a subset of Sophos enterprise security network is active with a wide range of products. Cyberoam collection now has over 550 employees and offices in the United States, the Middle East and India, as well as research and development and global support are based in India and by an experienced management team with deep experience in the field of security managed network.

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